2018 wird die Roverstufe im Weltpfadfinderverband (WOSM) 100 Jahre alt. Das wollen wir natürlich gebührend mit euch feiern!
Daher warten das ganze Jahr über Aktionen auf euch, an denen ihr euch mit eurer Runde oder auch alleine beteiligen könnt.
Hier ein paar Hintergründe zum Jubiläum von WOSM:

Scouting started in 1907 with what is now known as the Scout section, which was followed by the establishment of the Cub Scout section (Cub Scouts) in 1916. During World War I, the need for a Scouting Programme for young adults arose, leading to the formation of the Rover Scout section in 1918.
The term „Rover Scouts“ was first mentioned by Baden-Powell in The Boy Scouts Head Quarters Gazette in August 1918 and the scheme was fully established by November 1919. He wrote a handbook for the new scheme, which was published in 1922 under the famously known ‘Rovering to Success’. It contained his philosophy for a happy adult life as well as ideas for activities that Rover Scouts could organise for themselves.
The Centenary of Rover Scouting was a little bit tricky to determine because of the above-mentioned dates. Therefore, the World Scout Bureau checked the documents and the archives, and contacted the Scout Association in the United Kingdom (The Scout Association) and several other National Scout Organizations (NSOs) to confirm, align and coordinate the year of the Centenary.
After a substantial investigation, and thanks to the Scout Programme Team of The Scout Association and archivists at Gilwell Park, we are confident to say that Rover Scouting began in 1918. This can be confirmed by the 3rd World Rover Moot that was held in 1939, the so-called ‘coming of age’ Moot – meaning that the section was considered to be 21 years old in 1939. On that note, the World Scout Committee decided in March 2017 to announce 2018 as the year for the Rovers Centenary.